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Damp proofing material
Mira tanking system

Mira tanking system

Mira tanking system is ideal for completely waterproofing damp and wet areas in bathrooms, washrooms and shower areas. It consists of three main products - Mira 4120 Sealer, Mira Multicoat and Mira Safecoat/Seal Manchets.

Mira 4120 Sealer

Liquid, acrylic based solutions with red colouring. Recommended as primer in 'dry room' areas, (diluted on porous and concentrated on wooden surfaces.) Also recommended as water proofing coating for walls in the 'damp-zone' in wet rooms.

Usage: Concentrated - 1kg/1litre cover 5-7m2 - Thinned with water in ratio 1:3 (sealer:water) - 1kg/1litre 8-12m2

price each
1 litre
6 litre
12.5 litre


Mira 4400 Multicoat

Neoprene bases, thick liquid membrane for 100% waterproofing of all floor and surfaces in the 'wet zone'. Applied to the surface with brush or roller before and after laying safecoat roll. Also to be used for waterproofing of wall/floor joints, corners, wall joints, apertures etc in the 'wet room'

Usage: floors - min 1.5kg/m2 - Walls - min 1.25kg/m2

price each
1 kg
6 kg


Mira Safecoat/Seal Manchets

Safecoat rolls are used with 4400 Multicoat when waterproofing floors, joints, corners, and is available in 2 widths, The 10cm roll is used for joints, edges and corners and the 1 metre wide roll cover the main floor area and is available in 10 or 50 metre rolls. The Seal Manchets are used similarly with 4400 multicoat for the sealing of pipe and drain apertures. The 125mm round Manchets is completely self adhesive with circle marked for cutting out to sizes 10-50mm diameter, and the Universal Seal Manchets is for 50-200mm diameters

price each
safecoat roll 10cm 25m £15.99
safecoat roll 1m 10m £55.99
safecoat roll 1m 50mm £229.99
Universal seal manchet - 50-200mm diameter 32cm 32cm £12.99
small round manchet 12cm diameter   £5.99

Tanking ready reckoner


Wooden surfaces -m2 @ 0.2kg/m2 =
Porous surfaces - m2 @ 0.12kg
Total Mira 4120


walls -m2 @ 1.25kg/m2
Floors -m2 @ 1.5kg/m2
Total Mira 4400 multicoat

Wet-zones and damp-zones

The diagram illustrate the extent of the "wet-zone" and the "damp-zone" in a bathroom, washroom and shower area.

The recommended degree of waterproofing is based on these defined areas.

N.B In Denmark, and other countries, approved water-proofing is a legal requirement.

The wall behind the handbasin is only regarded as "wet-zone" if the basin is fitted with a shower

Shower area

Bath area


Basin area

Mira installation guide

All price exclude VAT and delivery charge.

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