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Shower pumps

Shower pump is the essential element of a power shower.

There are two types of shower pump. The first is a single impeller pump, with one driving blade which pumps the water, as it is mixed, to the shower head. This means of course it must go between the mixer valve and the head. The easiest place therefore to install the single pump is in the loft as it must be above the mixer valve. This can lead to problems with the cold temperatures in the loft freezing the water and it cannot be insulated because it needs a free air flow. For this reason a twin impeller pump was introduced. This is connected to both the hot and cold water before they reach the mixer valve and can be sited, ideally, in the airing cupboard. Most pump manufacturers will specify that the pump must be within 4 metres of the hot water cylinder and at least 30mm below the cold tank. Pumps, as with power showers, must have a dedicated water supply that serves no other outlets. They must also be connected to the hot supply with an anti aeration flange such as an Essex or Warix...In general a Surrey flange should not be used as it can restrict flow to the pump inlet. An electrical connection is needed and should be taken from a switched, fused spur on a ring main outside the bathroom. It will be rated at 5 amps.

1.5 Bar Heavy Duty Shower Pump - £190.00

Boost the power of a shower by up to 20 times and run shower after shower! Suitable for use with all Screwfix Direct Shower Valves.

Twin Impeller 1.5 Bar Pump
Continuously Rated Motor
Produces up to 50' Head of Water
Vibration Free
Electronic Flow Control
BEAB Approved
2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
Pump Must Not be Connected to the Mains Cold Water Supply

2 Bar Shower Pump - £280.00

Robust 2 bar shower pump providing exceptional power to run two showers or drive multi-outlet installations. Suitable for use with shower panels and hot and cold feed shower valves. Pump must not be connected to the mains cold water supply.

Twin Impeller
Two Shower Capability
30 Minute Rated Motor for Multi Showering
4 Flexible, Pushfit Hoses
Built-in Anti-Vibration Pads
BEAB Approved

3 Bar Heavy Duty Shower Pump - £420.00

A heavy duty, high performance automatic twin impeller pump. Invigorating performance when used with shower panels or shower valves.

Twin Impeller, 3 Bar Pump
Integral Filters & High Flow Connector Hoses
Anti-Vibration Feet to Reduce Noise
Produces up to 100' Head of Water
Continuously Rated for Shower After Shower

All quoted price are excluding V.A.T and delivery charge.

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