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Underfloor heating

Simple - Modern underfloor heating provides many advantages over traditional radiator based systems.
Where large warm surfaces such as the floor exist, it is possible to achieve comfortable conditions with a cooler air temperature, making underfloor heating more energy efficient and comfortable than traditional radiator systems.

This features added extra comfort to wetroom especially on a cold winter day where walking on tiles floor can be quite cold without it.

The devimat DSVF is the classic devimat

devi mat underfloor heating
DEVI introduced the devimat DSVF in 1996. The mat is still the best selling mat DEVI has produced.

The thinnest single conductor, just 2.5mm
The devimatTM DSVF lives up to all the coming standards, even the coming EC standard that among others sets demands to the screen and deformation strength. Even though the cable is thin it has an incredibly high mechanic strength which has been achieved by using a very strong PVDF outer sheath, The DSVF has a deformation strength of more than 600N. This is very important when installing the mat as it helps the heating element to cope better with handling under installation.

Full range of products
The devimat DSVF comes in a full range of mats. The smallest is just 1m and going up to 20m. The range covers both 100 and 150 W per m2 as always with the thin mats from DEVI

Product Features:
Two cold tails
Wide product range
Self adhesive in the full width of the mat
Advanced materials
10 year warranty

For pricing please provide measurement of room.

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